For nearshore projects, our marine plant and equipment enables GBMar to offer a range of drilling, testing and installation work in a safe and efficient manner. Capable of operating from high water level to water depths of around 40 metres, our jack-up barges can be mobilised to almost any coastal location.

Geotechnical ground investigation 

With a proven track record of deploying in seas, rivers, and lakes worldwide we can undertake a wide range of in situ and laboratory-based nearshore-site geotechnical ground investigations.

Fugro Geotechnical’s capabilities include:

  • Soil and rock drilling – boring and coring
  • Deep drilling
  • Wireline logging
  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Alluvial sampling
  • Remote seabed sampling
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Shallow transition zone surveys bridging the data gap between land and water

At our extensive in-house facilities we have designed and built most of our nearshore jack-up barges. Smaller jack-up barges can be transported by road or container ships and are readily mobilised when they arrive at your site. Our fleet also includes self-propelled jack-up barges that can be quickly moved between project locations.

Our jack-up barge equipment

Our wide range of jack-up barges includes modular and non-modular equipment. For flexible and efficient solutions, choose our modular jack-up barges which can be containerised and are easily mobilised worldwide. Non-modular platforms can be towed to your project location where one of them can also provide onboard accommodation. For projects that require soil tests, and core photography and description, we can provide a jack-up platform with integrated containerised laboratory facilities, whilst our larger jack-up bargs include accommodation for offshore crew.

We have experience in a diverse range of applications including renewables, ports and harbours, bridges, tunnels, mining and nuclear projects.

Our marine plant is ready to be mobilised for a range of site investigation methods including:

  • Soil and rock drilling
  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Wireline logging
  • Other in situ testing
  • Instrumentation installation

Nearshore drilling

For downhole testing and sampling, rock coring, using wireline tools and PS logging we will mobilise drill rig spreads. We undertake offshore marine drilling from jack-ups in water depths ranging from 0 to 40 metres and borehole depths beyond 300 metres. Jack-ups provide a “stationary” drill string in relation to the seabed and the latest technology assures optimal operational safety whilst maximising sample/data quality and performance. The drills and jack-up barges are designed for easy transportation or shipping worldwide.

Applications include:

  • Scientific/stratigraphic coring
  • Geotechnical site investigations for nearshore developments
  • Mining and mineral exploration
  • We perform geotechnical site investigations in almost any nearshore zone using specialist marine equipment, tools and expertise. At a very early stage we will review conditions and consider the HSE factors at your project site, using your data or our own, and we’ll undertake detailed risk assessments. This will determine our selection of marine plant, drilling and in situ testing equipment.

    Our smaller rigs are modular and can be transported by road or container ship enabling fast, cost-effective mobilisation.

    We offer:

    • Extensive range of in-house rigs and vessels
    • A fleet of modular and monohull platforms including the WaveWalker 1 which can be used for specialist exposed coastlines and surf zone environments
    • Expert geotechnical and vessel crews
    • Skilled staff available worldwide
    • Independent environmental risk assessments
    • Full investigations ranging from desk top studies to field work and final reporting