The need for clean water, flood control, and healthy aquatic environments places increasing demands on the world’s water systems. Fugro offers a comprehensive approach to water resources management with a professional team that includes hydro-geologists, hydrologists, soil scientists and geophysicists, as well as water quality and regulatory specialists. 

Our hands-on experience includes hydro-geologic investigations, basin safe-yield investigations; aquifer storage and recovery projects, water quality evaluations, desalination project feasibility studies, groundwater basin management studies and individual well design and well field development investigations.

Water Defence and Flood Control

Using state-of-the-art investigation techniques, we undertake topographic mapping of river and delta regions that are under pressure due to climate change and urbanisation. Our FLI-MAP® system accurately maps difficult and complex geotechnical and geo-hydrological conditions. 

Water Resources Management

Fresh water for consumption is a scarce commodity in many parts of the world, and locating new supplies is a major concern. Fugro’s expertise in the geo-hydrological and environmental aspects of the natural water system is an essential element of successful water resources management. 

Urban Water Infrastructure

Intensive rainfall and less capacity for water storage in urban areas lead to urban and rural flooding. We design groundwater monitoring plans for urban areas and provide you with expert advice on flood mitigation, drainage and infiltration systems. 

We support you in assessing and understanding the nature of water related challenges and advise on risks and mitigation measures.

Water Defence and Flood Control

Specialising in risk assessment and stability of hydraulic structures, particularly dikes, Fugro performs flood risk mapping for entire river and flood plain systems. Our innovative remote sensing technologies, including InSAR and LiDAR, enable us to map geometry and monitor any dike movements and subsidence. 

Global weather forecasting services and oceanographic measurement systems provide real-time monitoring data for early flood warning. The data we collect from metocean systems may be used as input parameters to a suite of hydrodynamic and atmospheric models so that we can simulate and predict flows, waves, sediments and ecology in rivers, lakes, estuaries, bays, coastal areas and seas. 

Our unique combinations of high performance data acquisition technologies and consultancy services provide support to your water defence and flood control projects such as: 

  • Dike safety analysis
  • Flood risk mapping
  • Piping inspection by CPT-HPT
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Early warning systems
  • Hydrodynamic modelling
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Geophysical surveys
  • Remote sensing analysis
  • Water resources management 

Remote sensing and airborne survey techniques provide an extremely cost- effective and efficient means of mapping surface and groundwater (aquifer) systems. Integrated with pilot boreholes or exploratory wells, the findings of the airborne survey can be extrapolated to areas beyond the survey. We specialise in large-scale geo-hydrological field research studies in which hydraulic measurements are carried out using piezometers and pump-tests.  

In the development of desalination facilities Fugro applies its groundwater and geotechnical expertise by exploring underground feed water supply sources aiding the design of water intake/outfall structures. 

In the marine environment we carry out impact studies of diffuse emissions on water bodies and studies on water-dependent eco-systems and wetlands. 

For your water resources management projects our consultancy services and high performance data acquisition technologies will bring benefits in:  

  • River basin management
  • River geomorphology
  • Hydrogeological investigation
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Habitat mapping
  • Marine environmental studies
  • Water well development
  • Salinity assessment studies
  • Water quality evaluations
  • Groundwater monitoring plans
  • Aquifer mapping
  • Geo-hydrological numerical modelling
  • Urban water infrastructure 

Our specialists provide feasibility studies for water supply, groundwater remediation, and wastewater disposal; we also design water treatment facilities. In response to the growing worldwide demand for renewable energy, we provide geo-hydrological research for geothermal energy and energy storage in aquifers, for the heating and cooling of buildings or industrial processes. 

To determine the impact of (civil) construction on the surface and groundwater system, understanding the interactions between these water regimes is crucial. We provide multi-disciplinary advice on the risks related to the dewatering of excavations. 

Our expertise in high performance data acquisition technologies and our professional consultancy services are available for:

  • Impact studies of civil constructions on water systems
  • Spatial groundwater planning
  • Surface and groundwater monitoring
  • Feasibility studies of water supplies
  • Waste water disposal
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Groundwater treatment plans
  • Design of water supply works
  • Design of drainage and infiltration works
  • Dewatering of excavations
  • Geothermal energy
  • Drought and flood management plans

Recent tsunamis, hurricanes, floods and droughts, together with greater public awareness of the possible effects of climate change, have increased demand for technical services relating to water resources management. We help to build your understanding of the nature of these challenges with: 

  • Unrivalled advice on risks and mitigation measures
  • A worldwide network of water specialists
  • Valued experience in data acquisition methods and techniques, data processing, modelling and consultancy related to water resources.