We are a leading provider of offshore positioning survey and remotely operated vehicle (ROV) services. We support the installation of drilling assets, offshore structures, wind farms, production facilities, pipelines and cables.  

By combining our integrated digital solutions, remote services and expert teams, we deliver an optimised solution that saves time and improves the safety of offshore operations.  

We design and build our own solutions and technology to provide tailored survey and ROV services for the offshore industry.  

Our capabilities include:

  • Drilling rig positioning
  • Vessel and subsea positioning
  • Remote survey services
  • Cable-lay support
  • Pipe-lay support
  • Pipeline and cable surveys (as laid, depth of burial, as built)
  • Jacket, pile and topside positioning
  • Subsea metrology
  • Subsea laser scanning
  • Dimensional control services
  • ROV survey and tooling
  • Geo-data management

Our patented, internally developed hardware and software technology enables us to deliver a range of industry-leading services, including those outlined below.

Remote rig positioning

Our scalable rig positioning solutions use manned and remote services to deliver quality-assured positioning of drilling assets to meet the project schedule.

Vessel and subsea positioning

Based on our cutting-edge Starfix suite of marine positioning software, we provide dedicated positioning, survey and mapping services. These services are supported by our global network of remote control centres which enables specific activities to be undertaken as a fully remote service.

Learn more about OARS remote positioning 

Cable- and pipe-lay support

We provide dedicated survey and ROV solutions to support the offshore installation of pipelines and cables. Our support ranges from UXO risk mitigation and route clearance operations through to catenary modelling, touch-down monitoring and subsequent ‘as laid’ and ‘as built’ surveys. Using our fleet of work-class ROVs, we can also provide support with product commissioning activities.

Jacket, pile and topside installation

Our precise positioning, survey support and monitoring services, based on cutting-edge computer vision techniques, are used for the tow out of structures, as well as to install platforms, jackets and monopiles for wind farms.

Learn more about our innovative InclinoCam technology for monitoring the installation of offshore wind monopiles.

We offer project planning using 3D simulations, structural modelling and 3D visualisation monitoring during critical operational phases, such as float-over positioning for decks on jackets, and load-outs of structures where tight tolerances are involved. 

Learn more about our 3Direct solution for contactless monitoring and positioning during jacket installation.

Subsea metrology

Our subsea metrology service provides extremely accurate, in situ measurement between pipeline flanges to guide the rigid link-engineering of spool pieces and jumpers. To ensure absolute precision in three dimensions, our surveyors use the most advanced acoustic, vision and laser measuring systems.

We offer a comprehensive range of surveys, ROV and vessel services, to meet client needs in all water depths.

Innovation is a key component of our success and we are recognised as one of the leading providers of offshore field development and construction support services. While working in this challenging environment and performing specialised tasks, our teams are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards at all times.

The benefits of our services include:

  • Innovative technologies focused on reducing installation time for expensive assets and HSSE exposure
  • Optimised software and hardware solutions that facilitate scalable operational planning
  • Cost-effective solutions based on an optimised mix of onshore and offshore staff
  • Reduced safety exposure by using remotely operated solutions