GBMar supports your offshore work with a global network of reference stations, monitoring signals from GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo) satellites and generating corrections to significantly improve the accuracy of unaugmented GNSS signals. Correction messages are transmitted to vessels via a robust, fault-tolerant broadcast infrastructure, providing precise, reliable, real-time satellite positioning that is accurate worldwide, to just a few centimetres.

Our innovative positioning infrastructure and expert staff have ensured a quality-controlled and cost-effective positioning service to the offshore industry for over 30 years. Based on our proprietary infrastructure, hardware and software, we provide a wide range of GNSS based positioning and correction services:

  • Starfix® – delivers precise high performance positioning services for offshore construction vessels, survey operations, pipelay and cable lay activities, seismic surveys, dive support, FPSO installation and monitoring. With dual independent positioning reference systems, we provide the highest standards of positioning, reliability, availability and coverage for your offshore operations. All our services are underpinned by 24/7 global support.
  • SeastarTM – positioning services for DP vessels or rigs worldwide, such as Platform Supply vessels (PSVs), Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPVs), Anchor Handling Tugs (AHTs) and also Diving Support Vessels (DSVs), drill ships and drilling rigs operating on DP. Fugro Seastar’s precise, reliable, high-accuracy differential GNSS correction service is optimised for dynamic positioning and other safety critical applications which require 24/7 availability and full redundancy under the most demanding conditions. 
  • MarinestarTM – provides high accuracy positioning services in coastal and deep-sea areas and inland waterways on various types of vessels such as navy vessels, hydrographic vessels, dredging vessels, research vessels, wind farm support vessels and other specialist vessels.  
  • OceanstarTM – is a navigation sensor and onboard decision support system that provides GNSS-quality data. It’s designed to improve navigational safety and reduce operating costs for the shipping industry.

A ‘precise position’ is the fundamental parameter for your survey and engineering operations at sea. Such operations rely on a global infrastructure and expertise to deliver high accuracy positioning, globally, at any point in time.

  • 3D/4D Seismic – We regard system redundancy as a key factor in precise positioning for 3D/4D seismic operations. Our DGNSS systems provide two fully independent precise positioning solutions for your vessel. In addition our remote tracking system, Fugro StarTrack, provides independent and innovative remote tracking for gun floats and tailbuoys.
  • Survey/Hydrographic Operations – With precise positions as the basis for vessel positioning, we can also supply software dedicated to timing, controlling and logging bathymetric and other survey sensors.
  • Pipelay and Cable Lay – Offshore pipelay and cable lay operations require advanced modelling of the product being installed. As a market leader, we have developed advanced software utilising the industry standard Orcina model to allow precise monitoring of the product during deployment. Combined with precise positioning, this ensures a safe and efficient operation.
  • Dynamic Positioning (DP) – Precise GNSS is an essential position input source for DP operations within the offshore oil and gas industry. Exploration in new areas and increased operation in deeper waters together with more advanced DP2/DP3 systems increases the demand for a high-class DGNSS service.

    Our superior DGNSS service for DP vessels provides the vessel’s DP desk with not only the most accurate positioning service available, but also the most robust, stable and redundant.

  • Rig Moves – Rig moves require remote tug tracking in addition to precise positioning. Our integrated positioning package comprises precise positioning, remote tug tracking and advanced software to control all aspects of the anchor positioning and catenary chain monitoring operations.
  • Renewable Energy – We understand what drives and constrains your business, and we work alongside you to support each stage of your operation, from resource exploration and infrastructure development to energy production and transportation. We supply the data and services that enable the safe, reliable and efficient design, construction and maintenance of global facilities.
  • Vessel Berthing and Manoeuvring – Fugro Oceanstar assist vessels with safe and efficient berthing supported by safety alarms managing risk.  
  • Energy Efficiency – Fugro Oceanstar is based on our High Performance GNSS service to enhance fuel efficiency by dynamic trim measurements and precise heading information.

Our dedicated positioning team provides global positioning services appropriate to your needs and budget. With a first class service that’s delivered safely and on time, you will agree that our support is second-to-none.

  • Global representation
  • Single positioning contractor for independent offshore positioning
  • 30+ years of experience
  • Additional services including remote positioning and GNSS based height computations
  • 24/7 network monitoring and customer support
  • Positioning services with less than 10 cm accuracy worldwide
  • Full redundancy along the entire positioning supply chain
  • Full use of all available navigation satellite systems
  • Expert staff to support the most demanding offshore project
  • Global R&D capability to drive innovation across our service offerings
  • Acoustic and INS underwater positioning
  • GBMar proprietary ‘Starfix’ software to support complex offshore operations