We support marine exploration with advice on planning and executing geophysical and geochemical surveys and expert data interpretation. Our advice helps customers realise value and reduce risk as early as possible in the exploration programme by optimising prospect evaluation, operational efficiency, and safety.

We offer a comprehensive package of exploration-related activities tailored to the specific requirements of each project, and provide premium advice and efficient delivery of planning, acquisition, management, and analysis services.

Our range of services for offshore exploration, both in the planning phases and during execution, includes:

Hydrocarbon seep surveys and geochemical analysis

  • Evaluation and integration of any pre-existing data for optimised geophysical survey and coring planning
  • Onboard seep consultants ensure quality and that expedition-specific objectives are met by providing:
    • Near real-time interpretation of acquired hull-mounted, multibeam echosounder data (bathymetry, backscatter, and water-column anomaly) and subbottom profiler data
    • Onsite operational guidance
    • Regular (typically daily) communication with onshore teams
  • USBL-guided piston coring for precisely-located geochemical samples
  • Optional onboard geochemical analysis to improve preliminary interpretations
  • Proprietary Back2Base transmission to relay large datasets from ship to shore to improve client involvement

Real-time well monitoring

Performed offshore or from a secure, remote location – includes logging while drilling and/or monitoring while drilling, intended to aid drillers in the anticipation and preparation of encountering shallow hazards such as gas, hydrates, and shallow water flow.

Gas hydrate exploration and research

  • Planning for hydrate geophysical surveys and coring programmes
  • Hydrate programme management, from data acquisition to engineering analysis
  • Onboard data interpretation and analysis
  • Hydrate interpretation, including basic qualitative interpretation and mapping of hydrate zones, advanced characterisation of hydrates using quantitative geophysical techniques and engineering analysis of hydrate effects on foundations and conductors

marine exploration activities are specifically tailored to help clients realise value and reduce risk associated with their projects as early as possible.

  • By analysing and interpreting hydrocarbon potential in frontier regions, we lower costs and risks and reduce exploration uncertainties. Our seep hunting and geochemical campaigns have an enviable track record with exceptionally high success rates.
  • Our specialised services deliver expertise in all phases, underpinned by a world-class safety culture.
  • Real-time well monitoring during drilling of the tophole exploration well section helps identify, avoid, and mitigate any shallow hazard-related drilling problems.
  • Our experience with hydrate exploration and research means we have specialised hydrate engineering analysis and modelling techniques applicable to deepwater field developments. Geologists, geophysicists, and geotechnical engineers can perform onboard interpretations to optimise hydrate programmes during the expedition.