Our specialist services involve a range of geotechnical, environmental, hydrological, geological and survey disciplines. They support every stage of a mine development, from reconnaissance and exploration, through construction and operations, to eventual closure and decommissioning.

Our extensive capabilities include:

  • Resource mapping
  • Tectonics
  • Geochemistry
  • Economic geology
  • Hydrogeologic evaluations
  • Open pit geological & geotechnical modelling and cut slope stability and design
  • Open and underground mining hydrogeological modelling and dewatering design
  • Geological & geotechnical modelling, calculation and support design of underground vertical (shaft) and horizontal galleries,
  • 3D geotechnical calculations
  • Data management solutions
  • Deposit site investigation
  • Mining operations planning
  • Project management
  • Environmental Impact Studies and planning
  • Remediation planning
  • Measuring and geomonitoring

The exploration, development, operation and closure of a large mine involves unique environmental, logistical and technical challenges. Mining projects are often difficult to develop in locations that are remote, at problematic altitudes, in pristine environments and/or distant from the point of export.

We understand the mining business and its challenges and our specialised services are relevant from early desk studies and reconnaissance to operation, development and decommissioning.

  • Resource mapping – For mapping and monitoring of resources, we undertake geotechnical and geological analysis of slope stabilities, in situ geomonitoring and periodic LiDAR surveys of open pit developments and stockpiles.
  • Tectonics – We are a world leader in geologic hazard assessment and tectonic analysis. With our engineering capability integrated with our field data collection and regional analysis, we provide onsite geotechnical information and geophysical characterisations of the proposed location. We also fly topographic surveys (LiDAR) and gather bathymetric data for developments of ports and harbours.
  • Geochemistry – We provide detailed regional geochemical and geological surveys as well as geochemical analysis for mining projects. Soil samples from projects around the world are analysed at our own advanced soil testing laboratories.
  • Economic geology – Applying our expertise and deploying our specialised equipment, we collect data through field observation of existing conditions and provide feedback on possible constructability issues.
  • Hydrogeologic evaluations – Our hydrologists and geohydrologists provide accurate recommendations on water mapping, pollution control and similar ongoing mining operational issues.

The exploration, development, operation, and closure of a large mine brings unique environmental, logistical, and technical challenges. We have a full understanding of these challenges and are aware that mining projects are often difficult to develop. Locations can be remote, at problematic altitudes or in pristine environmental locations distant from the point of export.

Maximising the benefit of a development to local people is essential and the safe execution of a project, with no harm to the environment, is mandatory.

We pride ourselves on:

  • The quality of our technical expertise and ability to solve complex technical problems
  • Our awareness of all the risks associated with a major development and our ability to deliver a total risk management solution
  • Our commitment to quality, safety, and the environment
  • Our commitment to excellence, maintaining our technical edge with ongoing investment in technology and equipment
  • Our commitment to safety, environmental protection, sustainable development, and the governing regulations and laws in the communities where we work