Involving our geotechnical professionals during construction and installation of geotechnical elements such as foundations or earthworks provides you with invaluable support, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions to facilitate cost effective construction that is faithful to the engineering design. Our services cover onshore, nearshore and offshore developments, including design of effective instrumentation programmes and provision of geotechnical personnel to supervise construction.

Fugro’s geotechnical specialists provide consultancy and supervisory services to solve the complex problems that arise during construction activities. Our specialist services, such as geotechnical site management; quality monitoring of earthworks and bearing layers; supply, installation and operation of specialised geotechnical measurement technologies; and integrated monitoring systems support all construction processes.

Through construction monitoring we provide you with valuable feedback; by observing all activities the impact of unforeseen events is reduced, quality is assured and associated costs and delays can be minimised. Professional installation and performance of instrumentation systems are complemented by our professional consultancy services.

During construction of foundations, transport routes, pipelines, depositories and embankments we perform and evaluate all required control tests for earthworks and the construction of base layers.

We support your construction projects with structural, geotechnical, environmental and hydrological monitoring systems, from design optimisation, specification, procurement and installation, through to monitoring and decommissioning. Our expertise covers the very simplest single sensor installation through to complex and powerful automated remote systems.

Tailor-made solutions are developed, designed and manufactured in house, incorporating a wide variety of sensors. For offshore operations we can adapt standard sensors to suit harsh conditions.

We help you monitor performance of existing structures, ground movements and installation of structural components (such as pile instrumentation) with instrumentation schemes and we provide engineers for supervision where required. Other support services include:

  • Geotechnical site management, quality monitoring of earthworks and bearing layers, supply, installation and operation of specialised geotechnical measurement technologies and integrated monitoring systems for onshore/nearshore construction.
  • Pile driving monitoring, input into instrumentation and installation systems, supervision of foundation installation and provision of feedback during offshore construction.
  • Engineering consultancy including slope stability analysis, bearing capacity of foundation levels and ground surfaces, drainage and dewatering analysis.
  • Construction supervision including quality control tests for earthworks, geotechnical and structural monitoring and pile and foundation testing.

Design optimisation, specification, procurement, installation, monitoring and decommissioning of structural, geotechnical, environmental and hydrological monitoring systems. This includes preparation of automatic data acquisition and recording procedures, including web-based data processing and presentation.