Gbmar, supports your offshore development activities with geophysical survey services at all water depths. We perform surveys of rig sites and pipeline routes; and for engineering developments our surveys reduce project risk, enhance safety and facilitate route and project design for offshore developers.

Our surveys can assist in the design and execution stages prior to rig moves and the emplacement of offshore infrastructure such as hydrocarbon production facilities, pipeline routes, offshore wind farms and other civil engineering projects.  Utilising survey vessels from our global fleet, many of which are purpose-built and designed for efficient and integrated operations, we acquire multi-disciplinary and complimentary data sets in a single mobilisation.

Innovative techniques enable multiple sensors to be operated simultaneously, further enhancing efficiency.

Our range of services includes:

  • Rig and platform site surveys
  • Geohazard surveys
  • Wind farm site surveys
  • Pre-engineering surveys
  • Clearance surveys including UXO
  • Ice gouge surveys
  • Multibeam echosounder surveys in shallow and deep water
  • Pipeline route surveys
  • Deepwater site developments
  • LNG and FPSO offloading facilities
  • Marine archaeology

Our survey services support your offshore development projects, wherever they are in the world:

  • Site Surveys – Our survey vessels are equipped to perform bathymetry and seabed surveys; we also undertake analysis of both the shallow soils within foundation zones and shallow seismic to identify geohazards such as shallow gas, shallow water flow and faulting. Depending on the target depth, these operations can include reservoir delineation.
  • Wind Farm Sites – We conduct surveys of wind farm sites and turbine locations as well as planned routes for the power cable and post-installation depth of burial surveys. Certain sites also require us to conduct unexploded ordnance delineation (UXO).
  • Ice Gouge Surveys – In shallow water, high latitude areas, keels of seasonal moving ice bodies can plough furrows in the seabed that could impact an offshore cable or pipeline. Our ice gouge surveys measure the pattern of the gouges, their depth and morphology; the results can help to establish the severity of the risk and the mitigation measures that might be required.
  • Geochemistry – Seeps are a natural phenomenon and, as the search for energy extends into new frontier areas, we can assist exploration with a detailed multibeam bathymetry survey along with targeted sediment coring to test the geochemistry of soils for the presence of hydrocarbons. Further exploration potential can be determined by selecting sample locations, using the backscatter data we collect.
  • Deepwater Site Developments – Deployment of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) for surveys in deep water delivers unsurpassed data quality, survey efficiency and positioning accuracy. Fugro’s AUV systems can be equipped with innovative sensor packages and can operate in water depths of 3,000 metres or more. Delivering benefits including portability and enhanced processing to deepwater sites and associated export routes, AUV surveys enable us to facilitate your least-cost routing decisions.

We help you to achieve your goals with exceptional resources that include a fleet of dedicated survey vessels, an array of survey equipment, the largest commercial survey AUV fleet and a rich pool of talented personnel. These enable us to provide you with the confidence of a high quality service, delivered on schedule.

  • Large dedicated survey fleet
  • 8 deepwater AUV systems
  • Optional mobilisation of vessels of opportunity
  • Global coverage with local support
  • R&D support for development of new technology
  • Experienced reporting teams providing engineering and GIS deliverables