Gbmar’s survey fleet is equipped with full ocean depth multibeam echosounder systems for habitat surveys, hydrographic surveys and charting. Our accurate desktop studies assist in cable route planning and for cable burial we conduct onboard soils assessment. Our services also include airborne acquisition of offshore bathymetric lidar data and the acquisition of 2D seismic data for Exclusive Economic Zone assessment for UNCLOS claims.

For submarine communication and power cables we provide planning, desktop studies, site visits, route selection, route survey and installation support. Associated services include environmental impact studies, burial assessment surveys and archaeological surveys.

Bathymetry mapping

Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB) and terrestrial laser scanning offer highly efficient and cost-effective solutions to hydrographic surveying, riverine mapping, coastal zone and engineering projects. Our BOAT-MAP technique combines the benefits of multibeam bathymetry with above-water laser scanning to produce a seamless image of the coastal zone, both above and below the water line. Habitat and reef mapping are amongst the features of our environmental services.

For UNCLOS claims, our EEZ mapping services include bathymetry and seismic data acquisition as well as expert advice on maritime boundaries and workshops and seminars tailored to your specific requirements.Our range of services includes: 

  • Airborne Lidar Bathymetry (ALB)
  • Cable route surveys
  • Burial assessment
  • Desktop studies
  • Global ‘Law of the Sea’ services
  • Fisheries habitat
  • Hydrographic mapping
  • Support for engineering projects
  • Hazard surveys
  • Underwater infrastructure inspection
Marine Environmental Consultancy

Our multidisciplinary marine consultants and environmental specialists provide consultancy on a wide range of topics including:

  • Marine consenting
  • Environmental impact assessments (EIA) and appraisals
  • Zonal and regional assessments
  • Habitat regulations appraisal (HRA) and appropriate assessments
  • Environmental policy and legislation
  • Characterisation and feasibility studies, desktop studies, site selection and appraisal
  • Management plans (construction, environmental, spill mitigation)
  • Licensing
  • Marine ecology
  • Marine geology
  • Physical processes
  • Water quality
  • Fisheries
  • Environmental management
  • Geographical information systems
Marine Environmental Ecology

As a leading provider in offshore and coastal marine ecological survey and analysis we provide a range of services including:

  • Subtidal benthic sampling
  • Intertidal and terrestrial survey
  • Seabed video and imaging
  • Habitat/biotope mapping
  • Protected habitat surveys
  • Fish and shellfish ecology
  • Deepwater ecology surveys
  • Post-drill and decommissioning surveys
  • Marine mammal and seabirds
  • Desk-studies to characterise development area and inform survey design
  • Data acquisition and monitoring to generate pre-, during and post-construction data
  • Ornithological survey
  • Visual marine mammal survey
  • Passive acoustic marine mammal survey
  • Marine mammal protection plans
  • Data storage and management, data analysis and interpretation, environmental statements (ES) and environmental impact assessment (EIA)
Marine Analytical Laboratories

Specialist capabilities at our environmental laboratories include:

  • Chemistry analytical services
  • Macrobenthic taxonomy
  • Sediment tracer studies
  • Sediment analysis
  • Microbiology analysis
  • Microbiological tracer studies
  • Oil spill forensic services
  • Water and sediment quality
GIS, Chart Production and Data Management

Our GIS capabilities include:

  • Site selection, feasibility studies and risk mapping
  • Spatial analysis and interpretation
  • Mapping and charting
  • Spatial data management
  • Interactive GIS
  • Data management

Our offshore survey services reach all global regions and virtually all offshore developments:

  • Cable Routes – Together with satellites, submarine fibre optic cables form the backbone of modern communications.  Planning cable routes requires mapping of the seabed between landing points and from the shoreline to full ocean depth. In continental areas, cables are required to be buried where possible for protection from other marine activities. Our survey services provide essential information on water depth, seabed morphology and shallow geology/soil strength.
  • Hydrographic Mapping – Navigational charts require data of the highest quality. Fugro has innovative and robust data acquisition, processing systems and methodologies to deliver data of exceptional quality in all water depths from the shoreline. Government agencies and private sector companies are among our clients.
  • Lidar Surveying – Airborne Lidar Bathymetry is ideally suited to coastal zones where large areas can be surveyed efficiently and where vessel-based measurements cannot be easily undertaken due to factors such as remote locations or navigational hazards.  Data acquired this way can also be used to map flora and fauna habitats.
  • Global Law of the Sea (LOS) Services – Our consultancy services include coastal states territorial sea baseline model management, coastal states LOS maritime limits and boundaries, extended continental shelf (ECS) services and oil and gas corporate law of the sea risk services.  ECS claims can be supported by ALB surveys to establish the baseline and then, using our fleet of dedicated survey vessels, deepwater bathymetry and/or 2D seismic surveys.
  • Port, Harbour and Coastal Surveys – In addition to coastal projects for LNG plants, port developments and route landfalls, our experience also covers surveys of inland water such as reservoirs, rivers and lakes. These projects have involved sedimentation measuring, inspection of bridge foundations, floodplain modelling and capacity or volumetric calculations for dredging.

We retain a clear focus on your objectives and draw on our vast experience and extensive resources, including a modern fleet of dedicated survey vessels, to deliver a high quality service on schedule. With the ability to mobilise onto third party vessels and aircraft, we include flexibility with our expertise.

  • Large dedicated survey fleet
  • ALB systems
  • Optional mobilisation of vessels of opportunity
  • Global coverage with local support
  • R&D support for development of new technology
  • Experienced reporting teams providing engineering and GIS deliverables