A good understanding of meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) conditions reduces uncertainty in engineering specifications, provides help in operational planning, leads to reduced costs, and enhances safety and operational efficiency. We provide commercial metocean services and systems on a fully integrated world-wide basis to meet and support your needs in offshore and coastal environments.

The provision of high quality regional oceanographic and meteorological (metocean) data is the first step in the development of any offshore, coastal engineering or renewable energy project. With over 30 years’ experience in a diversity of projects, we are well placed to respond to your metocean needs, providing solutions through cost-effective, high quality and technically advanced measurement, consultancy, information systems, ocean observing systems and forecasting services.

The expertise, experience and skills of our staff, enable us to bridge the gap between the scientific and engineering disciplines and to understand and fulfil your engineering requirements.

The broad spectrum of metocean services and systems we offer includes:

  • Metocean measurement services
  • Metocean criteria, desk studies and numerical modelling
  • Real-time environmental monitoring systems
  • Integrated real-time buoy monitoring systems
  • Meteorological & oceanographic forecasting services
  • Data analysis and data management

Complex metocean processes can result in strong and highly variable conditions, presenting challenges to offshore and coastal related activities, particularly for safety, design optimisation, operational efficiency and environmental protection.

We help overcome these challenges by providing a detailed understanding of the metocean conditions and a range of support services that encompasses all stages of an offshore or coastal development, anywhere in the world.

Metocean support for concept and design (FEED)

We provide metocean design criteria and operating statistics for the concept design and selection, planning of construction, transportation and installation to ensure the integrity of a platform or vessel.

Coastal engineering and metocean processes

Metocean processes have a significant impact on facilities and operations in coastal environments, as conditions vary spatially due to topographic and bathymetric influences. A combination of measurement and modelling is required to accurately define the environmental conditions for design and operation of any facility. We help you to maximise efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety and minimise environmental impact, providing planning and design data for the construction and operational support of your coastal facilities, such as ports, harbours and terminal developments, or renewable energy projects.   

Deepwater metocean measurements

A greater understanding of the deepwater ocean environment is required to ensure safe working practices and efficient conceptual design for offshore developments. We have the technical experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive service throughout the life cycle of a project, including preliminary desk studies, measurement surveys, monitoring services and offshore weather forecasting.

Metocean support for offshore exploration drilling

Offshore exploration requires metocean criteria and operational statistics for drill rig selection to ensure the rig is fit for purpose.  Weather forecasts will identify downtime during drilling operations and integrated real-time metocean and offshore structural monitoring systems support the operations.

Metocean services to support offshore production

The measurement of the metocean parameters that affect floating production systems, fixed platforms and associated infrastructure are important to help improve operability and to reduce costs.

Together, our people, infrastructure and equipment combine to ensure that the latest techniques and most appropriate services are available for you.

We offer:

  • Over 35-years of global experience
  • Expert oceanographers, meteorologists and offshore engineers
  • The world’s largest commercial inventory of oceanographic measurement equipment
  • The most up-to-date equipment guaranteed through a continual programme of technical development
  • Excellent data return (on average above 90% from over 1 million hours of metocean data collected each year)
  • Optimized data QC, analysis and interpretation by experienced staff
  • The integrity, quality control and efficiency provided by strict adherence to our ISO9001:2008 Quality System procedures
  • Health, Safety and Environmental standards, minimising the risk to the health and safety of our employees, other site personnel, and to the environment
  • Offices throughout the world