Metis is our intuitive data delivery platform that delivers a common operating picture by combining metocean, structural integrity and operational data to support the operational decision making process.

Built on GIS technology, Metis uses a web browser to provide simple access to relevant data from sources such as real-time measurement instruments, models, forecasts or satellites.

Secure password-protected access is available from any location worldwide without the need for additional software. The information is presented both in geospatial format and graphical/dashboard type displays.


  • Web browser based gateway
  • Dynamic and static GIS data layers
  • Geographically references data to single or multiple client locations using GIS technology
  • Site specific measurement data
  • Forecast models and satellite data
  • Securely held data
  • INSPIRE and FGDC compliant
  • Accepts data from any type of feed

Metis maximises the cost benefit of data collection programmes through a simple, secure dissemination package. Blending multiple data sets adds significant value over single data sets and allows better decision making in real-time. It also ensures that historical data is properly documented and readily available for projects.

  • Supported by dedicated development team to allow incorporation of additional features
  • All relevant data in a single web display
  • Readily displays OGC compliant services
  • Secure password-protected access from any worldwide location
  • Data can be securely archived
  • Requires no additional software