The design, construction and maintenance of buildings rely on competent site investigation, quality data collection and accurate interpretation and advice. These essential processes improve planning and minimise risk. We know that robust understanding plays a critical role in building, maintenance and refurbishment programmes and support all stages of your project, from feasibility, through construction support, to the long-term monitoring of condition and integrity.


In the early 1960s, we pioneered a number of ground investigation techniques, including the Cone Penetration Test (CPT), which enabled important advances in the determination of subsurface geology. CPTs continue to be widely used today, combined with the latest sophisticated data-gathering and interpretation tools. The information we acquire through our CPTs is vital in assisting designers, engineers and construction companies in defining the optimum solutions for planned and existing buildings.

In addition, we provide numerous other survey, testing and monitoring services. Our expertise in the practices, materials and deterioration mechanisms of heritage buildings combined with our global network of specialists in the engineering and materials-related fields gives us a unique vantage-point for success.

Survey, Engineering & Construction Support

We provide a wide range of services to help you manage your projects from feasibility through construction to QC and completion. At the planning stage, our satellite and airborne imagery can help determine feasibility and select suitable sites. At the design stage, our geological and geotechnical surveys, together with our geo-consultancy services, enable foundation and drainage engineering solutions. During construction, our materials testing and monitoring underpin quality control.

We provide:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Satellite (InSAR) evaluation of ground stability
  • Geological data processing, analysis, interpretation and mapping
  • Earthquake hazard analysis
  • Aerial photography and mapping
  • Building concept studies, design and build support
  • Geo-monitoring
  • Geophysical investigation of geology, geohazards and engineering
  • Buried utility mapping
  • In situ geotechnical site investigation, including Cone Penetrating Testing, drilling and sampling for soil and groundwater evaluation
  • Geotechnical laboratory analysis
  • Foundation design, engineering and analysis
  • Foundation testing, including bi-directional O-cell tests on large piles
  • Construction monitoring and provision of QA/QC
  • Specialist technical and consultancy services
Condition Monitoring & Evaluation

Using a combination of non-destructive and direct techniques, we are able to investigate the structural integrity of buildings in order to reveal their internal structures and the nature and extent of concealed defects.

This is essential for maintenance, change of use, refurbishment or decommissioning. Whether a property is modern or historic, residential or industrial, the information that we provide enables cost-effective maintenance, refurbishment and targeted repair work.

We provide:

  • Sophisticated survey solutions to remotely establish urban stability and building settlement
  • Instrumentation and structural monitoring – from discrete measurement of single parameters to full structural health monitoring
  • Terrestrial and mobile laser scanning
  • Building condition surveys
  • Structural fabric investigation
  • Non-destructive investigation
  • Construction materials testing and consultancy
  • Corrosion testing
  • Moisture surveys

The drive to create buildings that are taller, safer and more efficient puts added stress on foundations, structure, materials and designers. Our knowledge and global capability have developed over the last fifty two years to ensure that:

  • New engineering and legislative demands are met with effective solutions
  • We invest in the latest technology, training and resources
  • We provide support and assurance across the lifespan of building projects, to better mitigate and manage risks