We provide accurate, up-to-date information in a safer, faster more affordable way, with limited disruption to railway traffic, to help rail professionals worldwide design, build, upgrade and maintain railway infrastructure. By creating a 3D virtual model of the railway corridor – including track, catenary, switches and crossings, cable runs, trackbed, earthworks and structures – our RailData services help you deliver improved efficiencies in asset management and engineering.

Our RailData solution delivers accurate, up-to-date information to help you make informed decisions related to investments and operations.

With a unique suite of innovative 3D surveying and testing technologies we accurately model and evaluate entire rail networks quickly, safely and comprehensively, encompassing all buildings, structures and track in the railway corridor. We provide essential information, from sub-millimetre rail wear measurements to the trackbed and underlying geology. By bringing the railway onto your desktop we enable you to analyse and extract actionable information quickly and efficiently.

Corridor Mapping and 3D Visualisation

Our aerial lidar and imaging capability is a fast, accurate and cost effective solution to map complete railway networks for pre-feasibility track design.

Services include:

  • Digital terrain models for planning proposed new routes or embankment stability studies
  • Feature extraction of track assets, structures, earthworks and vegetation within the railway boundary
  • Orthophotography, oblique imagery and video
  • Data management and GIS services
Rail Alignment and Track Geometry

We collect accurate geo-referenced rail position data and video of railway assets using our RILA Track system. It connects to nearly any train in less than two minutes and uses collected data and video to create a 3D model of the railway corridor and measure absolute track position and geometry. Key operational advantages include:

  • Greatly reduced safety hazards associated with survey crews working on the track and less disruption caused by track possessions
  • High speed operation (up to 100mph/160kmh), so data can be collected at significantly lower costs
  • No need for special measurement trains and additional train paths
  • Limited disruption to train services, increasing efficiency
  • Improved usability and functionality of less accurate datasets
Infrastructure and Asset Data Collection

We provide survey information and digital imagery pertaining to surrounding infrastructure and assets using our RILA 360 system – to deliver ultra-high density lidar point cloud data and imagery – combined with RILA track data to achieve higher levels of accuracy than possible with conventional mobile laser scanning platforms. This information is delivered via our online RILA Portal, which includes 3D visualisation and analysis functions. Applications include:

  • Engineering accurate data of strategic locations for design and construction
  • Analysis of trackside assets and critical clearance issues
  • Infill data of track and trackside assets obscured from airborne systems
  • Vegetation and earthworks analysis
  • Enhanced asset information and detail
Trackbed Assessment

Using our sophisticated train-mounted ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems we can rapidly survey entire routes without affecting scheduled train movements, providing a comprehensive overview of track ballast thickness and condition.

Applications include:

  • Asset management: network-wide surveys to supplement track condition data and enable targeted intervention
  • Site investigation: to establish the nature, extent and cause of subsurface problems including drainage and material issues
  • Renewals: defining the extent of sites requiring renewal and helping prepare for works by mapping buried services and obstructions
  • QA/QC: verification of new works
Geotechnics and Engineering Geophysics

We provide comprehensive ground investigation capability to characterise sites and evaluate subsurface risk. Our rapid screening geophysical surveys provide an overview of ground conditions and enable targeting of in situ methods including sampling, drilling and CPT.

Applications include:

  • Mapping cavities and voids, mineworkings, karstic features, geohazards
  • Engineering parameters e.g. stiffness mapping in earthworks
  • Groundwater studies
  • Instrumentation and geo-monitoring
  • Ground structure and stratigraphy – from depths of 1 m to 1 km
Structural Investigation

Our experts ensure you are better informed about the structure and condition of rail tunnels, bridges and buildings. Using techniques such as GPR, ultrasonics and infrared thermography, we can reveal subsurface changes that can help explain deterioration or failure mechanisms.

Applications include:

  • Determining thickness and hidden structure
  • Investigation of cracking, voids, delamination
  • Construction materials testing
  • Corrosion and moisture surveys
  • Utility Mapping
RILA Portal

We provide access to imagery, video, maps, lidar datasets and analytics of the rail network through an intuitive online web portal service. It delivers a dynamic3D model of the railway corridor that allows asset managers to overlay information, compare data and maintain an accurate schematic of the rail network. Key benefits include:

  • Greatly reduces the costs associated with spatial data management by eliminating the need for terabytes of server space 
  • Establishes a common dataset to securely share and exchange asset details
  • No need for special plugins as the software runs in any modern browser
  • Open platform so data can be imported/exported from existing software packages 
  • Easy data viewing and navigation capabilities makes specialised tasks straightforward

We provide a fast, safe and affordable way to deliver essential rail infrastructure information for your asset management and engineering needs.

  • Accurate and comprehensive 3D model of the railway corridor, above and below ground
  • Fast, affordable and modular approach for condition assessment, based on your specific needs
  • Solutions adapted to the size and accuracy requirements of your project
  • Unique, non-intrusive technologies that provide highly accurate asset inventory data
  • Reliability that comes from our experience surveying more than 100,000 km of rail corridors worldwide
  • Approved and accredited by international rail network bodies to carry out a broad spectrum of investigative and consultation work
  • Thorough understanding of asset managers’ and engineers’ business drivers