We provide multi-disciplinary expertise in Geo-data acquisition, ground risk management and asset monitoring for tunnel and underground space projects. Our team works closely with our clients to achieve robust risk management and more efficient outcomes across the tunnel life cycle.

We have a long and successful track record in characterising, interpreting and managing ground risk. By combining this knowledge with our tunnel consulting expertise, we have expanded our highly focused, professional team to meet the growing global demand for technical support in the tunnel sector.

Our capability extends beyond data acquisition to analytics and advice, backed up by our extensive experience of design and site supervision on a broad range of technically challenging projects.

We always recommend that our specialists get involved in projects at an early stage. This enables them to create advanced, data-rich models of ground properties and geo-risks, to guide and reinforce confidence in tunnel design, ground engineering and buildability.

Our Gaia Insight platform provides project teams with easy access to actionable data for efficient decision-making. It integrates geotechnical, geological and structural insights – in most cases delivered in real-time – to accelerate construction and de-risk the subsurface.

Post-construction, our Geo-data continue to deliver value by underpinning building information modelling (BIM) with a deep level of ground intelligence, together with asset management data from ongoing structural assessment and condition monitoring activities.

To manage the life-cycle risks associated with critical infrastructure, a robust understanding of the ground and condition of the tunnel is vital, including soil-structure interaction. This applies at every stage: from pre-construction – feasibility, planning and design; to construction – including ground and environmental risks; and the extensive operational phase – with a strong focus on maintenance.  

Owners and developers need a representative picture of the ‘5 Gs’ of ground conditions: geological, geotechnical, geospatial, geophysical, geohazard. Without this, they risk encountering unforeseen ground conditions and setting in motion a raft of problems. These include inadequate or inappropriate design, construction issues, loss of public support and large insurance claims – all of which are likely to reduce return on investment.

Our integrated services help to: 

  • Reduce project risk by providing accurate and reliable information
  • Improve the efficiency of projects through reducing the chances of encountering unforeseen ground conditions
  • Identify structural issues to allow early intervention reducing large repair costs or safety concerns