We support global exploration for oil and gas resources. By combining geophysical, geotechnical, geological and geochemical expertise with world-class metocean and positioning capabilities, we are able to evaluate concession areas.

With our expertise and technological resources, we are able to assist in the location and assessment of prospective petroleum targets and identify development opportunities. We support and help de-risk your exploration projects, whilst arming you with the data and knowledge required to attract and secure investment for future developments.

Offshore Lease Appraisal

We can combine hydrographic charting with marine survey techniques to provide governments and developers with a clear definition of maritime boundaries, and initial appraisals of international ocean territories, coastal zones and offshore lease blocks. 

We can provide you with:

  • Transoceanic hydrography surveys to full ocean depth
  • High Resolution geophysical and geological surveys
  • Geodesy
  • Exclusive Economic Zone mapping
  • Environmental and metocean surveys
  • Satellite positioning services
  • Vessel Tracking Systems (VTS)
  • Integrated control centre and monitoring software
Offshore Field Surveys

Our survey specialists carry out a wide range of offshore geophysical and geotechnical surveys to help locate and identify potential hydrocarbons – including naturally occurring instances of seepage and venting. We deploy our own equipment, vessels and cutting-edge technology to obtain high quality geological and geotechnical samples from onshore, nearshore and offshore sites. Throughout survey operations, our meteorological and oceanographic data acquisition and interpretation services combine with our extensive marine environmental knowledge to enable our exploration and survey activities to be carried out safely, reliably and responsibly.

We can provide you with:

  • Desktop studies and geoconsultation
  • Deepwater multibeam data acquisition, including echosounder bathymetry, backscatter and sub-bottom profiling
  • Shallow target high-resolution multichannel seismic surveys
  • Satellite seepage detection and marine surface seep surveys
  • Geochemical surveys to help assess prospectivity using Fugro’s advanced SmartSeep technology
  • Geophysical and geotechnical survey vessels, with on-board data interpretation facilities
  • Deep piston coring, vibracore and drop core equipment
  • High torque drill rigs equipped with hollow stem auger or rotary wash drilling
  • Jack-up barges for shallow water and nearshore drilling
  • On-board multi-sensor core logging, for extremely detailed real-time analysis
  • Cone penetration testing (CPT)
  • Regional metocean assessments and measurement services
  • Real-time metocean monitoring
  • Weather forecasting
  • Ice monitoring
  • Environmental consultancy, surveys and monitoring services
  • Site characterisation, habitat and environmental baseline assessments
  • Geo-environmental services
Offshore Exploration & Appraisal Drilling

Having acquired exploration data, we analyse, evaluate and integrate data to produce a preliminary assessment of both surface and subsurface conditions at your project site.  These interpretative studies help us to identify potential geo-hazards and enhance the performance and safety of exploration and appraisal drilling.

We can provide you with:

  • Advanced laboratory testing services
  • Geo-consulting services
  • Integrated reporting
  • Data management

We’ll provide you with an integrated service that supports the exploration of oil and gas development opportunities around the world. Our experience in physically or politically-challenging locations is proven, and we have the tools and knowledge to translate this into significant project efficiencies, regardless of the size, location or complexity of the project

We provide:

  • Prospects for both locating and evaluating your project
  • High technology solutions for improved performance and reliability
  • World-class vessels and equipment
  • Global resource and knowledge network
  • Project management services