We build on the knowledge gained at the field development phase of an oil and gas project to provide you with ongoing support throughout the operational life of your facilities. We’ll team this with essential data and consultancy advice for your downstream infrastructure and onshore facilities.

Sustaining oil and gas production levels and limiting downtime involves a rigorous process of inspection, repair and maintenance. We know the safety and environmental issues at the forefront of operations. In optimising and enhancing the efficiency of production and extending this across the export network, we can provide you with substantial benefits from a commercial perspective. Across the entire life of field, we deliver the critical depth and quality of data required to enhance decision-making and operational performance.

During the construction phase, our survey support helps ensure your platforms and pipelines are installed on time and on target, getting fields into production faster. We can fit environmental and structural monitoring systems to provide valuable data for operational management decisions, while our vessel tracking systems feed web-enabled displays to safely indicate the location of all craft operating in-field. Our regular inspection surveys monitor the condition of your field infrastructure and generate GIS displays, reports and databases for each offshore asset.

Our ROV systems and dynamically controlled support vessels provide a comprehensive inspection, repair and maintenance capability. Our seabed surveys and sampling programmes aid environmental management planning, while our periodic geotechnical investigations monitor possible changes in seabed conditions and provide data for modification or expansion of production infrastructure.


During the production phase of an oil and gas project, we provide the necessary support through positioning, monitoring and IRM services, such as:

  • Surface and subsea positioning
  • Stand alone navigation
  • Vessel performance monitoring
  • Onboard riser management
  • Online structural integrity monitoring
  • Subsea inspection, repair and maintenance
  • Well abandonment support and decommissioning strategies
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring
  • Site-specific weather forecasting
  • Real-time metocean monitoring
  • Infrastructure recovery
  • Post-abandonment surveys and site inspections

These extend right through to the point where the facilities are decommissioned and the site is restored to its original condition.

Oil & Gas Facilities

Our specialists aid the safe design, construction, operation and maintenance of onshore and nearshore terminals, refineries and petrochemical plants, as well as pipeline networks and other facilities for the distribution of natural gas and petroleum products. We provide:

  • Airborne surveying for infrastructure planning
  • Geohazard risk assessments
  • Geophysical, geotechnical and environmental data acquisition and interpretation
  • Foundation design
  • Metocean design criteria and measurement studies
  • Pipeline planning, infrastructure design and routing
  • 3D scanning and industrial metrology for dimensional design surveys
  • Construction support services
  • Hull loadings and fatigue measurements
  • Structural monitoring and remote sensing
  • Through-life inspection and surveys
  • Up-to-date 3D asset information provided through our SITE-SPOT cloud service

We conduct onshore and offshore surveys to determine the soil and hydrographic conditions at proposed LNG/LPG facilities. We gather and analyse vital data and make recommendations that guide the design and construction of your land and marine facilities. Our services include:

  • Geophysical surveys and services
  • Bathymetric surveys
  • Geotechnical sampling and analysis
  • Geotechnical engineering services
  • Vessel positioning
  • Real-time metocean monitoring
  • LNG tank foundation design, settlement analysis and soil improvements
  • Structural monitoring

 provides services and systems to assist the safe installation and operations of FPSO / FSO and FLNG facilities. We gather and analyse vital data and make recommendations that guide the design, construction and operation of these facilities.

  • Excursion Monitoring Systems
  • Berthing Aid Systems (PilotStar)
  • Mooring system inspection, interpretation and integrity assessment
  • Real-time metocean monitoring
  • Structural monitoring
  • Hull Inspection
  • Installation support
  • Geotechnical sampling and analysis
  • Geotechnical engineering services
  • Vessel positioning

Planning, constructing, installing and maintaining onshore and offshore pipelines involves several specialist disciplines, which need coordination and alignment at every stage of a project. We acquire and processes the necessary data to guide each step while handling the logistical, political and physically demanding obstacles that present themselves. We assess and interpret all the data and turn it into meaningful analyses for your designers, construction companies and maintenance specialists.

Concept definition

We provide initial desktop studies, feasibility work, initial permitting and comprehensive pipeline route assessments for onshore and offshore pipelines, including:

  • Permitting
  • Environmental surveys
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and data management
  • Photogrammetry and remote sensing
  • Airborne LiDAR mapping topography and bathymetry
  • Pipeline planning and routing
  • Geohazard surveys and risks assessments to assist pipeline routing
  • Geophysical data acquisition and processing
  • Digital modeling, data interpretation and integration
  • Design and construction

Design and construction

Our advanced data gathering, processing and interpretation yields risk assessments and design expertise that, together, help in the development of construction solutions and techniques. We provide:

  • Survey permit requirements and drawings
  • Deepwater Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) surveys
  • Geotechnical data acquisition
  • In situ pipe-soil interaction evaluation using SMARTPIPE®
  • Pipeline alignment design surveys
  • Pipe-soil interaction and trenching assessments
  • State-of-the-art finite element software for pipeline analyses
  • Construction site survey and measurement
  • Installation support, precise signal positioning
  • Metocean services
  • ROV pipe-tracking and data processing
  • Environmental inspection and monitoring

Operation and Maintenance

Our monitoring and pipeline inspection surveys are designed to ensure the stability, integrity and safe operation of infrastructure. We also maintain an up-to-date GIS asset database to facilitate project communications and provide:

  • Regulatory services at the design phase
  • Pipeline inspection surveys
  • Geohazard monitoring using remote sensing and in situ techniques
  • Depth of cover analysis using LiDAR and Geopig
  • Ground motion trends
  • Data management and visualization

We’ll provide you with an integrated service that supports the exploration of oil and gas development opportunities around the world. Our experience in physically or politically-challenging locations is proven, and we have the tools and knowledge to translate this into significant project efficiencies, regardless of the size, location or complexity of the project

We provide:

  • Prospects for both locating and evaluating your project
  • High technology solutions for improved performance and reliability
  • World-class vessels and equipment
  • Global resource and knowledge network
  • Project management services