We offer a multi-disciplinary set of integrated offshore services for the safe and efficient decommissioning, abandonment and removal of oil and gas infrastructure from the surface to the seabed. Thereafter, you can use our services to help restore and provide long-term monitoring and reporting of decommissioned production sites.

Offshore decommissioning

From cessation of production and abandonment strategies, to the removal of infrastructure, site restoration and long-term monitoring, our experience, expertise and resources combine to help optimise all phases of offshore decommissioning.

Preparatory Investigations

At the start of a decommissioning project, we provide detailed assessments of existing site characteristics and anticipate the impact of proposed activities. We combine measured metocean and weather forecast data with known operating envelopes to plan and execute abandonment activities safely and cost-effectively.

We can provide you with:

  • Desk studies, field environmental surveys, site investigations and impact assessments
  • Environmental surveys to establish robust environmental baseline datasets
  • In-house analysis by sediments, chemical and biological laboratories
  • Initial scoping, cuttings pile mapping and characterisation
  • Preparatory works to support applications for consent and regulatory approval
  • Geohazard assessments and geotechnical consultancy for subsea and seabed infrastructure
  • Engineering simulation and planning tools
  • Tow-route criteria, heavy-lift planning and site-specific weather forecasts.
Decommissioning & Removal

Our owner-operated fleet of vessels, its specialist equipment, trained personnel and industry-leading technologies combine to provide a comprehensive solution for technically challenging and environmentally-sensitive decommissioning programmes.

We can provide you with:

  • Advanced technology to guide and monitor decommissioning activities
  • Installation and dive support vessels for IRM activities, pre-clearance support and for cutting and removing subsea production infrastructure
  • Visualisation and mapping tools to prepare cut plans and to track cutting, removal, transit and storage operations in real time offshore
  • Work-class and observation ROVs with dedicated vessels and crews
  • Real-time measurement and monitoring of oceanographic and meteorological parameters
  • Monitoring of structural behaviour during towing and lifting
  • Monitoring of fixed structures during abandonment phases
  • Detailed field reports to track resources and monitor operations as they happen
Continuing Liability

We engage in the ongoing monitoring of decommissioned production sites in order to prevent any long term environmental or safety issues arising.

We can provide you with:

  • Integrity management – periodic inspection, maintenance and stabilisation operations of all remaining subsea and seabed infrastructure,
  • Survey vessels and crews for ongoing geotechnical and geophysical surveys, as required,
  • Post-decommissioning environmental surveys and monitoring.

We’ll provide you with an integrated service that supports the exploration of oil and gas development opportunities around the world. Our experience in physically or politically-challenging locations is proven, and we have the tools and knowledge to translate this into significant project efficiencies, regardless of the size, location or complexity of the project

We provide:

  • Prospects for both locating and evaluating your project
  • High technology solutions for improved performance and reliability
  • World-class vessels and equipment
  • Global resource and knowledge network
  • Project management services