The design, construction, management and maintenance of roads and associated civil infrastructure require specialist information and advice. Our technology and expertise can mitigate and manage risks, protecting people, the environment and commercial investment. From initial feasibility studies to long-term asset management, we work with government agencies, consulting engineers, construction and private development companies to extend, improve and preserve the world’s highways.

We have one of the largest highway survey fleets in the world. Our teams record inventory, assess condition, determine structure and test the strength of thousands of kilometres of road and associated infrastructure every year. Our collective experience and resources, available through global centres of excellence, provide a complete package of survey, testing, data analysis, design, modelling, maintenance programming and engineering advice.
Survey, Engineering & Construction Support for Highways

We help governments and commercial organisations around the world to deliver better, safer, roads, bridges and tunnels. You can count on us to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective overview of your possible highway routes, using satellite, airborne and terrestrial-based laser and photographic surveys. For a more precise picture at specific locations, our expertise in ground investigation, topographic survey and materials testing provides the essential framework for design, quality control and validation.

We provide:

  • Support to public and private finance infrastructure projects
  • Route selection and corridor mapping
  • Earthquake hazard analysis
  • Establishment of local geodetic networks
  • Geophysical investigation of geohazards, geology and engineering parameters
  • Precise geospatial positioning
  • Geotechnical investigation and engineering on land and over water
  • Pavement design
  • Foundation design and testing
  • Bridge foundation pile installation and testing
  • Construction materials engineering
  • Survey support and machine control during construction
  • Laboratory testing services
  • Construction QA/QC
  • Asset and pavement management
Condition Monitoring Evaluation

The effective management and maintenance of highway infrastructure is fundamentally linked to knowledge of asset attributes and condition. We provide a comprehensive range of survey, investigation, analysis and reporting techniques, which are used to build an asset inventory and assess the condition of highway infrastructure. This data is fed into client pavement management systems to enable improved management of road networks in the short, medium and long term.

We provide:

  • Ground and structure motion studies using InSAR
  • Airborne and terrestrial LiDAR surveys and photogrammetry using FLI-MAP and DRIVE-MAP
  • Pavement and asset inventories
  • Pavement surface condition surveys, using the Fugro-developed ARAN (Automatic Road Analyzer)
  • Skid resistance testing
  • Pavement structure surveys, using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and coring
  • Pavement structural testing, using falling weight and traffic speed deflectometer
  • Geophysical and non-destructive investigation of highway structures to determine construction and condition
  • Intrusive sampling and materials testing
  • Forensic studies
  • Pavement preservation programs
  • Data analysis, visualization and management tools

With a wide range of survey technology – whether mounted in an aircraft or on a helicopter, truck or cone penetration testing probe – you can count on us to offer the appropriate survey technique for your project. Our clients benefit from:

  • Unique synergies that exist across the Group
  • Integrated packages such as GPR-equipped ARAN vehicles that scan road substructures and surface conditions in a single pass.
  • Careful analysis and reporting of data
  • Engineering expertise